by Sasha Pearl

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beset with two eyes like live coals
body like a tree that grew around his soul
on paper he was born a goy
but never was a mild boy

a weapon kept behind two locks
to him love is a stumbling block
in some desert with a gun in hand
because he singed a paper in the promised land

wears the emblem of a writhen tree
got a conscience like a mustard seed
will he kill if they send him to fight?
will they lay my brother in the golan heights?

I wish that I could bring him home
weighs apon me like a heavy stone
awash in shadows what he does
I love him but not what he loves


written by sasha pearl
produced/arranged by matt verrilli
with performance by ben fundis
and bernard greenwald
mastered by alex saltz aps mastering



all rights reserved


Sasha Pearl Tivoli, New York

one lady band
sounds like
Doc Watson and GG Allin had a baby in outer space
that cries golden tears
and poops sequins

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