by Sasha Pearl

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this is a song about a panda who is sad


Deep in the jungle in some enchanted grove
there lives the saddest panda the world has ever known

gone is the power twas once in his eye
now the world's tiniest onion is making him cry

sad sad panda don't feel so sad

Ask in the jungle the animals know
the panda's been sad since he ate a black rose

now heartache and sorrow destroy his insides
an elixer of pain from the black rose's vines

sad sad panda don't feel so sad

The panda's been drinking to try and forget
his friends in the jungle think that he's depressed

A beauty to seek out a beauty to see
the beautiful black rose is something to heed.

sad sad panda don't feel so sad


written by sasha pearl
produced/arranged by matt verrilli
performed by sasha and matt
featuring vocals from Bernard Greenwald and Ben Fundis
mastered by alex saltz aps mastering



all rights reserved


Sasha Pearl Tivoli, New York

one lady band
sounds like
Doc Watson and GG Allin had a baby in outer space
that cries golden tears
and poops sequins

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