Cricket Song (peep)

by Sasha Pearl

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our time, like a year
warmed up before it burned
maybe love or something near
a darkened path for me to learn

The spring cut short the fall is near
the cold will snap the spells of heat
just one bird chirping now in fear
where many sang only crickets weep

peep peep peep

The sweetest thing we tried to grow
but something lost is never found
some sun, some water but we kept it low
and now it's leaves are turning brown

peep peep peep

The crickets softly carry on
the winter marching organ plays
the final melody not just for swans
we sing when there's nothing left to say

peep peep peep


written by sasha pearl
produced/arranged by matt verrilli
performed by sasha and matt
mastered by alex saltz APS mastering



all rights reserved


Sasha Pearl Tivoli, New York

one lady band
sounds like
Doc Watson and GG Allin had a baby in outer space
that cries golden tears
and poops sequins

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